3 a.m. City

A quick collaboration with electro-whiz Dylan Leeds on the keyboards, stemming from a basic acoustic guitar riff I may or may not get around to building an entire song out of someday.


When it comes to songwriting, I find it incredibly difficult to write anything happy. I'm just drawn to the blue and the pessimistic, I guess. "January" is an old song about failed relationships, though not about any one in particular. I don't really write this style of music anymore, but I do like the reverb-heavy, megaphone-filtered guitar sound in the solo.

Epiphany Soundtrack

I composed the following instrumental tracks for my game, Epiphany. Maybe they work better within the context of the game, maybe not, but I like them, so here they are.

Main Theme

Elizabeth's Theme

Lower Chamber

Good Ending

Bad Ending

Credit Sequence

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