Cheese Beer Wine Cider: A Field Guide to 75 Perfect Pairings

Cheese Beer Wine Cider book cover

The fruits of a three-year collaboration with master cheesemonger Steve Jones, Cheese Beer Wine Cider: A Field Guide to 75 Perfect Pairings, is all about taking a great cheese and finding the perfect match for it. Sometimes it's beer, sometimes it's wine, and sometimes it's cider. The results may surprise you!

The book is peppered with tons of fun sidebars on related topics ranging from goats to cheese crystals to German beer laws to obscure winemaking techniques to cider apples...and everything in between. So hopefully while you're learning which cheeses go best with which beverages, you'll also be picking up some fun facts to drop at your next trivia party (are those a thing?).

Beginners and experts alike will find something to like here; the only requisite is that you like cheese and alcohol! A high bar we've set, I know, but trust me, every single tasting has something to teach you.

Steve's been hosting cheese pairings for years and advocating for pairings beyond just wine, so I'm honored I got to help bring his passion project to life. I learned so much helping him build this thing, and it's all there in the book. I hope you'll check it out!

Cheese Beer Wine Cider: A Field Guide to 75 Perfect Pairings, can be found wherever books are sold


All the photos in the book were shot by the amazing David L. Reamer. Check out more of his work here.

The Forever Isle

The Forever Isle is available to order from Powell's, iBooks, Barnes & Noble (Nook), Smashwords, Kobo, or, if you must, from Amazon (Kindle & Print).

The Forever Isle book cover

The car crash changed everything. Pulled from the wreckage horribly scarred and minus an eye, Elsa Batiste now lives on a tiny island in the middle of Puget Sound with only her boring parents, four quirky neighbors, and her cat to keep her company. At least there's no danger of getting in another crash here.

But something's wrong with this seemingly peaceful island haven. Maybe it's the strange symbols on the rocks that only she can see. Or the way her neighbors have started acting even more peculiar than usual. The night when Elsa happens to see an attack on sweet old Ms. Raven seals the deal: something is definitely up on Rogue Island.

Oddly enough, no one seems to care about the incident but Elsa. Certainly not her parents, who think she imagined the whole thing. And her neighbors — even sweet old Ms. Raven — assure her that everything is absolutely positively fine, nothing to worry about, thank you very much.

Determined to prevent a second attack, Elsa begins an investigation that unravels a fiercely protected secret kept safe on the island for centuries. The deeper she digs into the mystery, the scarier (and weirder) it gets, and the discovery of Rogue Island's astonishing true nature leaves Elsa faced with the most important decision of her young life.

No matter what choice she makes, there is no going back.

Cover Art

The cover art was designed by the very talented Greek artist Paris Ioannou. Check out more of his work here.